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Spring is around the corner.  People are tired of the cold, rainy, snowy, miserable weather.  What do all those
people do as soon as the weather starts getting better?  That's right, they Go Shopping!  And you're ready,
right?  You have your store stocked with all of the goodies that your customers want for the coming hot
summer weather.  Your floors are clean and ready for the hundreds maybe thousands of pairs of feet that will
wander their way through your aisles.  Well let me tell you a story about Bob.  Bob owned a small store and he
thought he was ready for the Spring Rush.  The inside of his store was looking sharp.  Everything was in its
place and he was ready.  Or was he?  You see Bob forgot one key element.  Bob forgot that before his
customers will see the inside of his store and how wonderful it is, they will look directly at the front of his store
and peer through his front windows.  That's right, Bob forgot to get his windows professionally cleaned.  Sure,
he had one of his box boys go out and hose the windows down a couple of times but all that did was cause his
windows to look streaky with a thick layer of gunk and dirt built up where the window glass meets the frame.  
YUCK!  As a business owner you know that your front windows are the eyes of your business and the eyes are
the windows into the soul.  What do you think of when you look into a persons eyes and they seem cloudy and
dirty?  You think the same thing I do, "What's wrong with this guy?"  Anyway, Bob had forgotten about his
windows and when that rush came they took one look at Bobs store and figured that he takes as good a care
of his customers as he does his windows and they walked right on by.  It was a couple of days before Bob
started to suspect something was up.  Bob went to the shop next to his and asked the owner how the last
couple of days had been for him.  "Oh, we've really raked it in.  We're up thirty six percent higher than this
month last year."  "I'm glad you're doing good, but man my sales are down," explained Bob.  "Well Bob I
noticed that you didn't get your front windows cleaned this year."  "Yah well I thought it was just an extra
expense I could do without."  "If I were you Bob, I'd call up Steve at Heart & Soul Janitorial and see if he can
get out here and help you out."  "You really think that's it?"  "Hey I've been doing business here for over twenty
years, I've done it both ways and let me tell you when I don't get the front cleaned up real good, I notice it in the
pocket book.  Trust me, call up Heart & Soul Janitorial before its too late."  

Don't let your customers look through cloudy, dirty windows and then walk right on by your
front door like they did to Bob.  Contact Heart & Soul Janitorial today for a free estimate.  

Oh, buy the way, about Bob; he called up Heart & Soul Janitorial and got his front
windows professionally cleaned and now his sales are up fifteen percent from last year